Tokenize Product Downloads
Tokenize Product Downloads
Tokenize Product Downloads
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Tokenize Product Downloads

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Tokenize Product Downloads is a Magento extension that allows a customer to download their purchase without the need to create an account and/or sign in. When an order is placed that contains a downloadable product, Tokenize Product Downloads will generate a unique token specific to each order item. When the New Order email is sent to your customers, they will receive the tokenized version of the download link, allowing them to access their purchase immediately.


Tokenize Product Downloads provides several benefits which can help improve your conversion rate, such as:

  1. Allowing guest checkout on premium products
  2. Improved checkout experience for guest users
  3. Faster, stress-free access to purchase

Please Note: For products with limited downloads, tokens will expire when the download threshold has been met, inactivating the link.

Business Value

One of the most common factors for cart abandonment is mandatory account creation. Current estimates indicate that for every four customers, at least one will abandon their cart if they are forced to create a new user account.

By using Tokenize Product Downloads, you will be able to retain those customers who want to purchase your products but also what the convenience and anonymity of guest checkout.